tales of the bodiless by Eszter Salamon

with Bojana Cvejic, Cédric Dambrain, Terre Thaemlitz, Sylvie Garot and Peter Böhm

e n g l i s h

Musical Fiction Without Science

Direction: Eszter Salamon
Concept, text and composition: Eszter Salamon & Bojana Cvejic
Music composed by Cédric Dambrain & Terre Thaemlitz
Musical advisor: Berno Odo Polzer
Sound design: Peter Böhm
Light and image design: Sylvie Garot
Video control and image design assistant: Bertrand Schacre
Voice recordings: Bart Aga
Rehearsal assistant: Sasa Asentic
Technical direction: Thalie Lurault

Voices in the order of appearance:
Prologue: Eszter Salamon
The Bog: Johan Leysen
Dogs: Jan Ritsema, Eszter Salamon, Sasa Asentic, Bojana Cvejic
Substitution: Sasa Asentic, Joanna Bailie, Terre Thaemlitz, Tracee Westmoreland, Chrysa Parkinson, Gérald Kurdian, Michael Schmid, Ragna Aurich, Eleanor Bauer, Polina Akhmetzyanova, Sayaka Kaiwa, Bérengère Bodin, Patricia Barakat
Dots: David Helbich, Sofie Benoot, Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Boglárka Börcsök, Saskia Bovijn, Claire Bringiers, Johanna Buys, Kurijn Buys, Pierre Caillet, Erwin Carlier, Chris Carroll, Michael Casey, Liesbeth De Ceulaer, Marie Cordonier, Céline David, Kim Lien Dessault, Caroline Dewynter, Anne Duquenne, Katrien Feyaerts, Elisabeth Franken, Nada Gambier, Nestor Garcia Diaz, Julie Gilbert, Rina Govers, Anne-Rose Goyet, Eva De Grave, Catherine Herman, Matthias Koole, Aurore Labrosse, Giulietta Laki, Christophe Meierhans, Pierre-Guillaume Méon, Natasha Mokrane, Sylvie van Molle, Muna Mussie, Sandy Napier, Anne-Sophie Van Neste, Tim Oliphant, Tiziana Penna, Agnès Peter, Jo Reymen, Anna Rispoli, Margot van Scharen, Michael Schmid, Christine De Smedt, Janne Steenbeke, Gunhild Tuschen, Anne-Sophie van Wesemael, Tracee Westmoreland, Iffy Tillieu, Wim Veys, Adva Zakai

Bodies: Sasa Asentic, Eszter Salamon
Production, Organisation: Alexandra Wellensiek/Botschaft Gbr, extrapole/Agnès Henry
Assistant Organisation: Mariane Cosserat
Internship Production: Natacha Le Duff
Internship Video: Sarah Bahr

Coproductions: Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Ircam/Les Spectacles vivants-Centre Pompidou (Paris), Hebbel am Ufer/Tanz im August 2011 (Berlin), Choreographisches Zentrum NRW - PACT Zollverein (Essen), steirischer herbst festival (Graz), Kampnagel (Hamburg), Les Subsistances (Lyon) With the support of: Kaaitheater (Brussels), Kunstencentrum Buda (Kortrijk), Q-02 (Brussels), PAF (Saint-Erme). Research residency: 6M1L project -Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon. Studio residency programme: Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-la-Pape.
Project coproduced by NXTSTP, with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union, Fonds SACD Musique de Scène and funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

Thanks to: Charleroi/Danses (Brussels) for the studio residency programme, Eleanor Bauer, Floris Deerenberg, Jefta van Dinther, Juan Dominguez, Marcus Doverud, La Fonderie-Le Mans, Hungarian Culture Bruxelles, Gérald Kurdian, Mathilde Maillard & Cinzia Maroni / Drop Prod, Perrine En Morceaux, P.A.R.T.S., Tom Pauwels and Jan Ritsema

Duration: 75min

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C H N I C A L - R I D E R - Tales of the bodiless - Cie Eszter Salamon


Stage manager:
M : + 33 (0) 6 10 72 52 78


assistant: Natacha LE DUFF

Lighting designer:
Sylvie GAROT

Sound designer:

Video manager
Bertrand SCHACRE

Running time: 70 minutes

- this show needs a real blackout in the auditorium and on stage
- using fog machines


7 persons - 1 stage manager / 1 light designer / 1 sound designer / 1 video manager / 2 performers / 1 producer or production assistant.


The set arrives and leaves by carrier and without the presence of a person of the company.
There are 4 trunks, 1 flycase, 7 rollers of carpet + 4 small flats (about 1mX1m).
It will arrive few days before the first day of setting and it will leave the day after the last show, think for the necessary
staff to get in and get out.
The delivery date will be communicated by the production with your agreement.


Minimum 3 : 2 singles for the performers and 1 bigger for the production and technical team (with connexion internet if possible).
Dressing rooms with lighten mirrors, shower, towels, toilets
and a catering: water, tea, coffee, chocolat, some fresh and dryed fruits for the rehearsals and the shows.


• We need a real black on st age and in t he audience.
Thank you to take the good compensatory measures adapted to your theater.

• We use fog machines (heavy and medium) so the system of fire detection must be switch
off and all the systems of air distribution (stage and audience) must be checked, during the rehearsals and performances.
• Sound, light , video boothes must be placed in t he audience (not in a
closed room).


• Ideal sizes:
- width 18m (min. 14m)
- proscenium opening 14m (min. 13m)
- depth: 13m (min. 10m)
- height: 8m (min. 6.5m)

• Black velvet box with 2 laterales opening, closed to the front stage by a gauze flyed in during the show (cf.plot).

• 3 borders min. 1 for the frame, 2 to mask the light pipes.

• Black carpet on the floor, provided by the company.



Provided by the company:
- a black gauze 12m(length) X 6m(high) with ties and pipe Pocket.

To provide for the frame 11m(length) X 5m(High): legs and border adapted to the size of your stage.

To provide for fly in:
- 2 blacks pipes, length 12m (1 for the hand fly / 1 for the pipe Pocket)
- 4 blockes
and 2 head blocks
- 4 blak ropes


Provided by the company:
- 2 Martin Magnum 1800
- fluids (Pro smoke high density - SP mix, Pro smoke super - ZR mix)

To provide:
- 1 fog machine JEM Glaciator (alimentation 32 A)
- fluids - Heavy fog fluid - C3mix
- for one show (+ rehearsals) minimum 5L.
- wiring dmx for these 3 machines (Martin, dmx 3 pin)


• System:
- 1 lighting board, better Avab Presto
- need to work with a minimum of 4 X 12 submasters
- need to record chaisers with time fade in and time fade out

• Sources:
- 9 PC lights 2 kw
- 34 PC 1 Kw lights (24 pour la scène, 10 pour l’éclairage public)
- 10 Profiles 1 Kw courtes (type R.J 613 SX)
- 20 Profiles 1 Kw moyennes (type R.J 614 SX)
- 20 PAR can 64 CP 62
- 8 Flood lights 1 Kw
- 4 towers ( about 1m60 ), 4 floor stands

• Provided by the company:
- 5 fans
- 6 tubes Aric
- 18 Starflash (need ghost load)
- 1 lighting board, 16 channels: used for the 3 fog machines and 5 fans

• To provide:
- 1 dimmer pack with 6 dimmers (on floor up stage left )
- wiring dmx from stage to lighting board


To provide:
- 1 video beamer 6000 lumens
- lens adapted to the theater , picture size on the gauze = 11m X 5m
- its ideal position is an angle very « flat » ( exemple : heightened in back of the auditorium)
- wiring dmx (5 pin) for the shutter

Provided by the company:
- a computer
- 1 shutter dmx with controller
- wiring VGA


The sound designer can provide (to confirm with our production for the conditions).
He needs a closed parking when he arrives or needs to get out (the day before the setting).

- 1 x mixing board Yamaha 02R96
- 1 x Rme – M32 - DA
- 2 x 8 channels amplifiers (Lab.gruppen-C20)
- 2 x 8 channels controllers (Xilica-XP8080)
- 12 x d&b E0
- 12 x d&b E3
- 6 x loudspeaker multicores 3 lignes (2 x 25m – 2 x 20m – 2 x 15m)

To provide:
- 3 x d&b C7 sub (2 mono lines)
- 9 x d&b E12 or Q7 (7 mono lines)
- 6 x E8 (6 mono lines) amplifiers and controllers
- 24 x standart projecteurs hooks (for E0 and E3)
- 2 x wireless handeld microphone ( AKG 4000 -D7 or équivalent )

- Intercom: 2 on booth, 2 on stage including one wireless


***1st DA
3 works (4h)

Work 1:

setting: set, light, sound
1 master electrician + 2 electricians, 1 stage manager + 2 stagehand ,1 sound master + 3 sound technicians

Work 2:

setting and cleaning costumes
1 master electrician + 2 electricians, 1 stage manager + 2 stagehand, 1 sound master + 3 sound technicians,
1 dresser

Work 3:
Check sound: 1 sound master + 3 sound technicians

3 works (4h)

Work 1:

focus lighting: 1 master electrician + 2 electricians, 1 stagehand
inter-work (12h-14h): Check sound: 1 sound master + 1 sound technician

Work 2:
- 14h-16h: video setting, finitions set and light
1 master electrician + 1 electrician, 1 stage manager + 1 stagehand, 1 video technician
- 16h-18h30: (16h-17h) check sound and video / (17h-18h30) Rehearsal Dogs + smoke
1 master electrician + 1 electrician, 1 stage manager + 1 stagehand (to fly in the gauze), 1 video technician, 1 sound

Work 3:

- 19h30: Preset
- 20h30: Run
1 master electrician + 1 electrician, 1 stage manager + 1 stagehand (to fly in the gauze), 1 video technician, 1 sound

rd DAY***
2 works – show 1 inter-service (12h-14h): Check sound: 1 sound manager

Work 1:
- 14h-16h : fine tuning for the set, light, video, cleaning costumes
1 master electrician, 1 stagehand, 1 dresser
- 16h-18h: rehearsal Dogs + smoke
1 master electrician + 1 electrician, + 1 stagehand (to fly in the gauze), 1 sound manager, 1 dresser

Work 2:
- 19h30 : Preset
- 20h30 : Show 1
1 master electrician, 1 stagehand (to fly in the gauze), 1 sound manager

show 2 + Strike

Work 1:
- 14h-16h: check sound, set, light, video, cleaning costumes
- 16h-18h: Rehearsal
1 master electrician, 1 stagehand (to fly in the gauze), 1 sound manager, 1 dresser

Work 2:
- 19h30: Preset

- 20h30: Show 2
1 master electrician, 1 stagehand (to fly in the gauze), 1 sound manager
Strike after the show: 1 master electrician + 2 electricians, 1 stage manager + 2 stagehands, 1 sound manager + 3 sound technicians

This technical rider is part of the contract between the organiser and Botschaft Gbr.
Contact for any information
concerning this technical rider.

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